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COin Precious eXchange – based in the US, China, EU, HK, Dubai, Singapore, etc., and now, available at your fingertips. We facilitate transactions on precious metals, crypto and fiat currencies for the best of the three worlds.

Our Service

The new standard of global currencies

We will backup your digital or fiat money with gold or platinum group metals in lightning speed.

Purchase Precious Metals

The online transaction guarantees minimum 999 purity products.

Secured Storage

Our vaults are secure and insured for loss of any reasons. You can have utmost peace of mind with us.

Innovative Flexibility

Modern technology makes your investment fluid while enjoy appreciation over time.

Sending Payments

Sending money across boarders?

COPX will ensure your transfers to be completed timely and legally either for personal or business purposes. We will also provide proof of fund or value for the clients.

Getting Paid

Get paid easily & quickly

More importantly in the preferred currency. COPX supports Bitcoin and digital currencies backed by governments.

What Our Customers Say

Tani Tondi

We are acculating our stock pile of PM investments monthly. COPX has proven to be a convenient and safe harbor.

Kati Jerry

The Bitcoin and gold combination compensates each other for stability and growth.

Sana Sanhi

COPX’s strong foundation in PGM metals is unique and the best reason for us to become active clients.

Reliable Partner

An all-in-one payments partner

COPX is the modern hawala system. Our multi-city network sends money without sending money. There is no middle man but us.


We are 24/7 available

The sun never sets. Why should your business and our service? Your money does not stop working for you with COPX.