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CopX is an US Corporation

+1 949-877-3500



Laguna Hills, California, USA

Dallas, Texas , USA

Taichung, Taiwan, ROC

Zhangzhou, China, PRC

Nanning, China, PRC


How much does it cost to produce proteins?

Our cost could be as low as $100 per kilogram of protein. Our fermentation production is measured in hundreds to thousands of liters of supernatant per month.

How much protein is produced using fermentation?

We estimate our preicision fermentation output is 100 times more than the competitors. It is over 100 grams per liter of supernatant.

What countries do you ship and how to start?

We ship to most countries that allows importation of fermented proteins. Provide us the amino acid sequence of the protein (or peptides) to start. We will do the rest.

Where is the protein manufactured?

Most of the products are manufactured in Taiwan, we are expanding to other countries including US.

Do you offer discount?

We offer volume discounts, substaintial discount to low income countries plus deep discount to partners.

What other products do you offer?

We are constantly adding more diversities and welcome customization and new proposal to collaborate.

Laguna Hills, California, USA

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