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Revolutionizing Protein Production:

Get ready to witness a paradigm shift in protein production. CopX emerges as a transformative force, poised to become the TSMC of proteins.

What is CopX advantage?

CopX utilizes the transformative power of precision fermentation. This cutting-edge technology leverages microorganisms engineered to produce specific proteins and peptides, offering a revolutionary alternative to traditional extraction methods. Imagine a future where the proteins and peptides vital for health, wellness, and innovation are produced sustainably, without limitations.

CopX: Building a Better Future, One Protein at a Time.

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Why Choose CopX?

Just as TSMC revolutionized the semiconductor industry, CopX aspires to become the leading foundry for the production of proteins and peptides. Our cutting-edge infrastructure and unwavering commitment to innovation position us at the forefront of this exciting new frontier.

Unmatched Versatility

CopX unlocks the potential to produce a vast array of proteins and peptides, catering to diverse needs across industries. From health supplements and cosmetics to food ingredients, drugs, and even vaccines, CopX offers a sustainable solution for a variety of protein-based applications.

Enhanced Purity and Consistency

Our precision fermentation techniques ensure unparalleled purity and consistency in the proteins and peptides we produce. This translates to superior quality and predictable performance in the final product. Over 20 years in precision fermentation capable of producing super long proteins.

Sustainable and Scalable

CopX offers a significantly more environmentally friendly approach compared to traditional extraction methods. Our scalable production capabilities guarantee a steady supply of high-quality protein and peptide solutions.

By eliminating reliance on traditional sources, CopX opens doors for the development of novel proteins and peptides previously inaccessible. This fosters continuous innovation within various industries.

Celebrate CopX 27th Year

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