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CopX Research Center and Production


Pioneering a Sustainable Future


The global demand for protein is skyrocketing. Traditional meat production is unsustainable and raises ethical concerns. Precision fermentation offers a revolutionary solution, producing animal protein without raising animals.

Our Opportunity:

We are establishing a state-of-the-art Precision Fermentation Research Center in the US, drawing on 20 years of experience from a leading Taiwanese research institute.

Our Strengths:

  • Proven Expertise: We leverage 2 decades of Taiwanese leadership in precision fermentation research, accelerating innovation in the US.
  • World-Class Team: Our team comprises renowned US and Taiwanese scientists, fostering a unique blend of knowledge and experience.
  • Focus on Scalability: We prioritize developing cost-effective, scalable production methods for widespread adoption.
  • Diverse Applications: We explore the full potential of precision fermentation, from alternative meats to biopharmaceuticals and biomaterials.
  • Strong Partnerships: We forge strategic partnerships with leading universities, corporations, and investors to accelerate progress.

Investment Highlights:

  • Ground Floor Opportunity: Be at the forefront of a transformative technology with immense market potential.
  • High-Return Potential: Invest in a rapidly growing market poised to disrupt the food, pharmaceutical, and material science industries.
  • Positive Impact: Contribute to a more sustainable future with ethical and environmentally friendly protein production.

Call to Action:

Join us in shaping the future of food and biomanufacturing! Invest in our groundbreaking Precision Fermentation Research Center and unlock the immense potential of this revolutionary technology.



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