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XPrize – Healthy Aging Made Possible

XPRIZE Healthspan Prize Overview | XPRIZE Prize Operations Platform

For over 27 years, we've pioneered precision fermentation to manufacture a vast library of over 500 peptides. Leveraging this expertise, we've meticulously selected 28 peptides with targeted benefits for muscle health, cognitive function, and immune support. These carefully chosen peptides position us strongly to compete in this contest.
Calling all passionate innovators!
We're on a mission to better quality of life and win.  To achieve this ambitious goal, we're actively seeking:
  • Resourceful Team Members: We're looking for talented individuals who thrive in collaborative environments and bring diverse skills to the table.
  • Investment Partners: We're seeking investors who share our vision and are excited to support cutting-edge solutions.
Combating Senior Decline: A Multi-Pronged Approach
Aging often presents a complex web of challenges for muscle function, cognitive health, and immune response. We believe a multi-peptide approach holds the key to effectively addressing these issues.
Our unique solution leverages a combination of proven peptides to tackle these concerns from multiple angles.
Here's why our approach is powerful:
  • Addresses Multiple Concerns: Provides a comprehensive solution for various aspects of senior health.
  • Proven Efficacy: Uses peptides with established effectiveness.
  • Patented Fermentation Production: Ensures consistent quality and reliable supply for the large aging population.


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