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Antiaging Slim and Slendger



Obesity Treatment Landscape: New Developments and Economic Considerations

Obesity is a growing health concern worldwide. While lifestyle interventions remain a cornerstone of treatment, pharmacological options are playing an increasingly important role. Recent years have seen the approval of several new drugs, offering potentially higher weight loss compared to earlier medications.

However, the rising number of individuals with obesity creates a challenge for healthcare systems due to the cost of these treatments. Therefore, research on drug utilization is critical. This research helps to ensure:

  • Cost-effective care: By identifying the most effective and affordable options, healthcare systems can manage costs associated with obesity treatment.
  • Judicious medication use: Research can guide physicians in prescribing the most appropriate medications for each patient’s needs.

Our Approach:

We aim to contribute to a more effective and efficient approach to obesity treatment. Our antiaging functional protein is aiming to reduce weight, hypertension, sugar level, etc. and to be taken orally.

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